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Inger Elisabeth's Art Gallery at home

Portrait from garden, 2000

Portrait from Øvste Fjellse, 2006

Artist's hotel in Telemark, 2003

The valley of Flatdal in Telemark, 1998

Cottage outside Flekkefjord, 2000

The famous Skorve moutain in Telemark, 2002

From the island Engøy outside Farsund, 2006

From the home of the famous artist Terje Grøstad in Telemark, 1998

A portrait from the southern part of Norway, 1998

From the Haddeland mountains outside Flekkefjord, 1994

The orchard of the Seljord vicar, 1995

An old vase, 1994

The lake "Stølsvannet" in Flekkefjord, 1995

Flowers in pots, 2005

On the west coast of Norway, 1993

Still life, 1993

Grandma Gudrun as a young woman, at her home in Ege, Moi, 1993

From the lake "Stølsvannet", 1995

Roses in a vase at home, 2005

Roses in a vase in Farsund, 2004

Portrait of the old part of the city of Egersund on a rainy day, 1993

Flowers from the home garden, 2004

Portrait of the city of Egersund in the old days, 1993

Lillies from our own garden, 1993

Loshavn Harbour, 2013

Havik Bay, Vanse, 2013

Jøssingfjord, Houses under the rock, 2012

Hardanger, 2012

Norwegian coast, 2012

Thüringer Wald, in Germany, 2013

Flatdal in Telemark, 2011

Søyland woods, 2007

Cottage of friend in Lyngdal, 2012

Part of the island of Hidra, old photo, 2013

Still leben, 2010

Kattland lighthouse, 2013

Jøssingfjord, Houses under the rock, 2007

Flatdal in Telemark, 2007

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