Below please find a set of images. By clicking on the image, the wav-file download will start or play. The quality is 22kHz 16-bit mono. The sound is generated by passing white pseudorandom noise through a so called FIR filter. The sine-frequency response of this filter is equal to the brightness value of the pixels in a column, where pixels at the top will produce high sine-frequency noise and pixels at the bottom will produce low sine-frequency noise. Each wav-file will repeat the sound four times.

A sunny morning: A series of dark mountains at the lower half. Then a sun rising just above the moutains at the almost left. Then a cloud free sky. Then a dark tree at the right middle, covering from top to bottom.

Two filled circles.

A thin circle.

A thicker circle.

Wall with door, middle adjusted vertically.

Wall with door, top adjusted vertically.

Wall with door, bottom adjusted vertically.

A thin diagonal line.

A thick diagonal line.

A diagonal cross, medium thick lines.

A circle, a cross and a crocodile, all diagonal.

A filled square box.

A medium thick rectangle.