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Important Notice and Essay on the serious search for truth

by Gordon Selasky, 2006

Some say: Why search for spiritual truth, when one can live without it? And here you see the egoistic direction of many today. Only if there is a God, is there right and wrong.

Although science can give answers on worldly matters, it is unable to prove much concerning spiritual or eternal laws. And since human beings are capable of creating theories of religion and philosophy that don't add up, then each person must be careful in this age-old search! Throughout history there have been false religions that many have followed to appease leaders and "priests". But if we believe in heaven, then it is more important that we come there, than discover all its secrets in our lifetime. Therefore my notice is a warning concerning how easy it is to get fooled in our modern world, so that others may learn to be careful in saying they have found the whole truth, in some religious sect or philosophy. Remember the fact of history, that hundreds of ancient religions no long exist, but in their heyday many believed that this was the truth!!! Religious truth and divine truth can be two different things because people like to speculate. Yet the real God who created all of this, can reveal His secrets to those he wishes, without any speculation, lies and false theories.

Many belive that modern times have weeded out falsehoods in religions, but this is not always the case. Let us take an example from history. Through centuries people have worshiped the sun, as some kind of God, with different names. It has been called many high sounding names, but we know it is only a hot, burning star, and nothing more. How did so many people get fooled for so long? And there are some who still worship the sun today. You see, that in this case as in others, people are capable of creating theories of religion that don't add up, and we must be careful. You might ask if there were some who saw the truth, that the sun was no god? Yes, but they were few in those days. An early Greek philosopher, Anaxagoras (500-428 B.C.) said that the sun was no god, but rather a flaming, burning, sphere of some kind. He was rejected by the average Greek, because he did not believe in their gods. And if people could be fooled then, so they can be fooled now, by using other methods. Jesus warned us of such false leaders in the Bible, Matthew 15:14, saying: "Leave them alone; they are blind guides of the blind. But if one blind person leads another, they will both fall into the pit." Therefore each person must be careful, read widely, ask questions and take years in the search for the true God and a right way of living for Him.

The ideas I present in this essay are not all my my own, but they do agree with my experience and that of many others. I am writing this as a little guide for searching people, because it is easy to get fooled even in modern times. I have been fooled by false religious ideas, but have been helped by others, and God, to see divine truth, much more clearly. And I wish to help some who have unknowingly trusted the wrong people. Also those who say: "Doesn't all religions lead to God?" NO! "Doesn't all philosophy lead to God?" NO! When we discover one false religion, then we can rightly assume that there are others, and by following them we can never come to heaven! In addition, some speculate that there is no God at all, and no heaven. When you hear only their side of the story, life becomes meaningless, because any kind of morality or lack of it, is good enough. You can change your morality all the time, and your values. Why should that make any difference? Only those who search diligently will find true facts which point to a living God, who has existed from the beginning of time. The Bible tells about a living God, who worked mighty miracles, thousands of years ago, against the Pharaoh of Egypt, who was a tyrant. The story is told in the Bible, in Exodus Chapter 6 To Chapter 12. Here can anyone see what a real God can do, performing miracles which clearly go against the laws of nature! This is one of many examples in the Bible, showing that God is powerful and mighty. But even moreso, this example shows that God is good, because he worked to set people free, who were treated as slaves, by an evil tyrant. Another place in the Bible it says: God's kindness/goodness is meant to lead you toward repentance. Don't get fooled by those who say there is no good God, no life after death in heaven, and nothing truly right or wrong. A good God must be trusted to follow good laws that can lead to a happier life on the other side of death.

We must piece together facts and convince ourselves one step at a time, because our eternal welfare depends on finding spiritual truths. In the future some people will continue making new speculations and theories which are not reliable, and by following them some will end up in mental and spiritual darkness. It is part of our human nature to undermine and rebel against a good God, because we want to somehow replace him, and have all the glory to ourselves. But spiritual harmony ends when we follow the way of rebellion, because no human beings have the Power to sustain creation and heaven for eternity! If we do not learn to throw ourselves on the mercies of a good God, then our end will not be good. And who then can be blamed except ourselves, for not taking the spiritual search more seriously?


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